The Surgery Experience
For some, even minor surgery can cause concern and anxiety, but from the very beginning, our patients know they are in good hands. At St. Luke's Hospital, our team of Peri-operative specialists understand and address apprehension, with extra TLC.

Professional and skilled, our Peri-operative staff and certified nurse anesthetists go above and beyond to provide a positive experience. Whether it's a colonoscopy or joint replacement, our team provides the know-how for smoothly handling surgical procedures, going above and beyond to cater to patients and families.

Another benefit of surgery at St. Luke's? Convenience! Patients scheduled for surgery only need to meet with an Outpatient Surgery Nurse for a preoperative interview/assessment and preliminary surgical workup prior to the day of the procedure. When the patient arrives on the morning of surgery, every step is geared toward surgery and recovery.

General Surgery
St. Luke's Surgery Department handles a large and diverse variety of procedures, big and small, simple and complex. Two local general surgeons are trained and experienced to perform the vast majority of our surgery cases, including advanced laparoscopic procedures for a shorter recovery time and reduced hospital stay.

Anesthesia Services
Our skilled team of certified nurse anesthetists (CRNA) works closely with the surgeon and OR team to insure that during surgery, patients maintain normal blood pressure, proper respiration, good cardiac readings and a host of other monitors while kept at a safe level of anesthesia.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
When the procedure is over, known as post-op, our staff are experts at making patients comfortable as well as tending to all immediate physician orders. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that their OR nurse is continuing to care for them in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. At a time like that, it's nice to see friendly, familiar faces nearby.

Peri-operative Services staff provide round-the-clock emergency surgical care every day of the year. Their ability to function as a team is exemplary and unique. Devotion to the team spirit is evidenced by an extremely low turnover rate in the department as well as by the positive responses to our follow up phone calls, surveys and letters.

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