Senior Life Solutions and St. Luke's Hospital to Host Open House

Depression and Anxiety aren't healthy at any age. The issues affecting seniors are uniquely challenging. Declining physical ability, loss of loved ones and isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and other issues. But problems like these are not normal at any age. It can be hard to recognize an older adult in need. It may also be difficult to get them to accept assistance. People who have been healthy and independent for such a long time can often resist help with the emotional and physical changes they know are taking place.

St. Luke's Hospital offers a new program, Senior Life Solutions, an intensive outpatient counseling program which addresses the emotional and behavioral health of adults over the age of 55. Through a combination of therapies, education and wellness programs, Senior Life Solutions assists older adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, have recently experienced a traumatic event and a host of many other symptoms.

With this new program, patients can discover how to handle life's challenges and find joy once again. The program works to improve the emotional stability and increase general functioning, as well as help patients identify, develop and increase the use of effective coping skills by emphasizing the existing strengths of the individual and/or family system.

Interested in learning more? The community is invited for refreshments and tours of the newly renovated Senior Life Solutions at 48 Hospital Drive, Suite 2A in Columbus on Wednesday, May 7, from 4:30 - 6 p.m. We are offering tours, light refreshments and a chance to meet Dr. James A. Greene, Medical Director, and Senior Life Solutions staff!

Please call 894-2408 for more information and to let us know you are coming.