St. Luke's Hospital Partners With AccessOne to Offer New Payment Options

COLUMBUS, NC - With deductibles and out-of-pocket medical expenses on the rise, St. Luke's Hospital has partnered with AccessOneŽ to offer extended and affordable payment options to all patients. The program gives patients either a low interest or interest-free option based on the size of the account balance. St. Luke's Hospital rolled out the new program in early summer.

Patients of St. Luke's who choose to participate in one of the new payment options are given a MedCard. According to AccessOne, the card provides flexibility in making "affordable payments over the life of [the patient's] account" in order to help families eliminate the financial burden of medical expenses. Everyone qualifies for the MedCard program, and families that have multiple patients only receive one bill.

"The MedCard will give patients even more control," Tammy Phipps, patient financial counselor for St. Luke's Hospital, said. "It allows our patients to tailor payments to their individual budgets. We want to alleviate the financial burden as much as we can so our patients and their families can focus on what matters: getting better and staying healthy."

AccessOne was founded by a third-generation physician in 2002. Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, the organization does not credit report to avoid any financial harm to the program's participants. For more information about AccessOne, visit

"It's a great option for some patients, and it's easy to participate. My job is to advocate for the patient, and we're here to answer any questions," Phipps said. "Our partnership with AccessOne is going to help us deliver our promise of exceptional care close to home in a new way."

For information on St. Luke's Hospital's partnership with AccessOne or for questions on how to participate, call Phipps at (828) 894-3311 ext. 3320 or email