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3/31/14 Flu Season Ends, St. Luke's Hospital Lifts Visitation Restrictions

Our own General Surgeon Jim Holleman, MD, shares his unique hobby in this article that ran in Sunday's Spartanburg Herald Journal.

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2/20/14 St. Luke's Hospital Ready for Winter Snow and Treacherous Ice

St. Luke's Hospital Celebrates New Year and New Addition

1-9-14 St. Luke's Hospital Enforces Visitation Restrictions

St. Luke's Hospital completes new $6 million patient wing

Caring For Our Community
Welcome to the St. Luke's Hospital archives of newspaper columns, press releases and other stories. Click on the links below to access.

2013 Archives
12-2-13 Senior Life Solutions Opens at St. Luke's Hospital
Ache Around the Lake
7-15-13 St. Luke's Hospital's Outpatient Rehabilitation Center to Host Free, Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program and Vestibular Screening
7-8-13 New Wing at St. Luke's to Debut in December
7-8-13 St. Luke's Hospital's Laura Walker Pushes Pedals to the Top
7-1-13 St. Luke's Hospital Welcomes Utilization Review Manager, Robin Ruppe, RN, ACM
7-1-13 St. Luke's Hospital Auxiliary Awards Health Career Scholarships
7-1-13 St. Luke's Hospital Presents - "Osteoporosis: A Debilitating Disease That Can Be Prevented & Treated"
6-13-13 St. Luke's Hospital is Growing!
4-26-13 St. Luke's Hospital Recognizes National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors Peggy Lockhart for 45 Years of Service
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors 30 Year Employees
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors Employees With 20 and 25 Years of Service
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors Employees With 15 Years of Service
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors Employees With 10 Years of Service
3-11-13 St. Luke's Honors 5 Year Employees
3-11-13 St. Luke's Hospital Nursing Received Hospital Engagement Network Award
2-23-13 St. Luke's Hospital Lifts Visitation Restrictions
2-13-13 St. Luke's Hospital Provides More Than $1.7 Million in Community Benefits in 2012
2-13-13 Ford Motor Company/Stott's Ford Inc. Donates to St. Lukes Hospital Foundation
2-8-13 Forum Focused on Tackling Community's Health Priorities
2-8-13 St. Luke's Hospital Offers Ways to Prevent Infection in the New Year
2-8-13 St. Luke's Hospital Warns - Increase in Norovirus Outbreaks in NC
2-6-13 St. Luke's Hospital Urges Community to Know All the Risks of Obesity
1-21-13 Visitation Still Limited at St. Luke's Hospital Due to Flu
1-14-13 St. Luke's Advises, "Eat This to Fight the Flu"
1-2-13 St. Luke's Center of Behavioral Medicine Receives Donation
1-2-13 St. Luke's Hospital Welcomes Patient Financial Services Manager

2012 Archives
12-19-12 Shoo Flu!!! Protecting Patients and Staff of St. Luke's Hospital
12-14-12 Send an Electronic Greeting to Loved One at St. Luke's Hospital
12-14-12 St. Luke's Hospital Receives Grants for Building on Excellence Campaign
11-28-12 St. Luke's Hospital To Break Ground for New Patient-Centered Wing
10-23-12 Auxiliary Gives Donation to St. Luke's Hospital
10-22-12 St. Luke's Hospital Receives New Defibrillator
10-1-12 St. Luke's Hospital Hosts HealthTalk on Breast Cancer Prevention: Lifestyle Choices and More
9-6-12 St. Luke's Hospital Presents Shoulder Pain: Common Causes and What You Can Do
9-5-12 Digital Technology at St. Luke's Hospital for Women's Health
8-20-12 St. Luke's Hospital's Employee of the Second Quarter 2012
8-13-12 St. Luke's Outpatient Rehabilitation Presented: Arthritis - No Bones About It!
8-13-12 St. Luke's Outpatient Rehabilitation Presents: The Rotator Cuff - Preventing Injury as We Age
8-10-12 Local Surgeon Attends 9th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference
8-10-12 St. Luke's Hospital's Radiology Department Receives ACR Accreditation
8-10-12 St. Luke's Hospital is Wired for EMR
8-6-12 St. Luke's Celebrates Joint Commission Accreditation
8-6-12 Dr. Marian Bosien Named to Second Wind Hall of Fame
7-18-12 St. Luke's Hospital Foundation Receives Grant from The Duke Endowment
6-8-12 St. Luke's Honors 35 Year Employees
6-8-12 St. Luke's Honors 20 Year Employees
6-7-12 St. Luke's Honors 15 Year Employees
5-25-12 Spring into a Healthy Summer
5-21-12 St. Luke's Honors 10 Year Employees
5-21-12 St. Luke's Honors 5 Year Employees
5-21-12 St. Luke's Honors Volunteers with 250 Hours of Service
5-21-12 St. Luke's Honors Volunteers with 100 Hours of Service
5-21-12 St. Luke's Honors Volunteers with 50 Hours of Service
5-14-12 St. Luke's Hospital Provides $1.9 Million in Community Benefits in 2011
5-10-12 St. Luke's Hospital Offers Free Dementia Assessments
5-5-12 St. Luke's Hospital Celebrates Hospital Week
4-23-12 St. Luke's Welcomes New Thrift Shop Manager
4-16-12 Mother-of-the-Bride Prepares for Dance of her Life
4-3-12 St. Luke's Outpatient Rehab to Host Free, Fall-Risk Screening
3-23-12 General Surgery Practice Plans to Grow with New Name
3-2-12 St. Luke's Hospital Installs MRSA Analyzer
2-29-12 Colonoscopy Still Best Defense Against Colon Cancer
2-24-12 St. Luke's Hospital Foundation Announces Newest Board Members
2-23-12 St. Luke's Hospital's Swank Kick-Off a Success!
2-23-12 St. Luke's Hospital Installs New Boiler
2-2-12 St. Luke's Hospital Foundation Establishes New Internet Presence
1-11-12 St. Luke's Auxiliary Welcomes New President, Wendy Field

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