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It's Almost Time to Get Eclipsed

The highly anticipated solar eclipse is almost here when the sun, moon and earth will line up on Monday, August 21. This is the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. since 1979, and literally the entire country will experience at least a partial eclipse.

The center line of the total eclipse will be crossing 12 states starting in Oregon and ending in the Atlantic Ocean just southeast of Key Bay, South Carolina. Those lucky enough to view "totality" will get a maximum of minutes and 40.2 seconds.

Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, SC will each experience a total eclipse, with nearby Greenville getting 2 minutes and 8 seconds of totality at roughly
2:38 pm.

Now for the mandatory safety lesson: Make absolutely sure you wear genuine solar-filtered glasses for either the partial or total eclipse, and don't remove the glasses until you've completely looked away from sun! Staring at the eclipse with the naked eye is a quick invitation to possible retina surgery. You can make sure your solar glasses are from a reputable source at https://www.eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters.

For a great map that tracks the path of totality, check out: http://www.eclipse2017.org. If you choose to ignore this spectacular event, just remember the next total eclipse across the U.S. doesn't occur until 2045.

Join the fun Monday from 11a.m.-3 p.m. at the open air gym at Harmon Field. Free solar viewing glasses will be available to the first 200 people!